Cleaning Force Cleaning Services:

Welcome to cleaning Force, your one stop cleaning solutions in Perth. We have high quality cleaning services of various kinds. We are able to satisfy your cleaning need. In this modern busy world you are busy with many kinds of works and have less time for yourself. If still you need to do the cleaning job it’s a pity. You can easily leave your entire cleaning job to us and can spare some time for yourself. We offer wide range of cleaning services such as: house cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, vacate cleaning services. We are able to provide you all kind of cleaning services. Our job list can be customized according to your needs. If you are looking for regular cleaning services or schedule cleaning services we are ready to serve you.

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Why Cleaning Force?

We provide best quality service with expert cleaning force but above all we are innovative in our service to give our customer added value of cleaning. With that objective we introduce 5S cleaning for your house and office. It’s a new approach and an ordinary cleaning company cannot provide you this service. We are able to do so. That is why we are one step ahead of our competitors.

5S is a housekeeping method useful to create space and to increase productivity. It reduces the search time needed to find something and it makes the entire house or office well organized, neat and clean. It will give a nice aesthetic view to your house and office.

5S is a lean tool coming from Japanese 5 words starting with “S”. We have similar words in English as well which starts with S.

  1. Sort: This is the first stage of 5S. In this stage we will find out the necessary and unnecessary things in your house or office. We will take each place separately and will continue up to entire space. However, once the segregation between necessary and unnecessary is done we will throughout everything which is not necessary. In this process some empty space will be created which will help us for utilising that space later.
  2. Set in order: In this stage we only have necessary things. We will group these stuffs according to different criteria. All the similar things can be grouped together or the things which are needed at the same time can be grouped together. It varies case by case. However, after grouping we will allocate designated space for every group. We will make sure that everything has its own place.
  3. Shine: In this stage we will do polishing activity to give the things a good look. The main conventional cleaning job starts here. We will remove all the dusts and dirt, scratches etc. We will paint something if necessary. In this stage small repairing job can also be done in order to make everything well functioning.
  4. Standardize: After shining we will make standard for everything. This standard will be made with the help of the user of that space. We can help the user to set up their rules and standards. We need to make sure that the standards can be respected and well understandable. We can prepare some standard operating procedure for some specific machine or tools on how to use those. This will demonstrate autonomously the user about the procedure of how to operate.
  5. Sustain: In this stage we need to make sure that everybody is following the rules set. If everybody is not following the rules or standards the place will be same like before again. It will be totally disorganized. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen we need to conduct regular audit. We can set up checklist and set frequency of this auditing routine.

In this way we provide our customer not only cleaning solutions but also how to be more organized. We know the fact that this will help your house and office cleaning requirements. It helps the people to become more organized and after this 5S cleaning work people need less time to search anything, hence saving you valuable time to do other important tasks. People know where they kept things and where to look for. As a result it will increase the entire house and office productivity and efficiency. Cleaning Force provide you this kind of high quality services at affordable price.

We are better than our competitor because of the following reasons:

  1. Uncompromised quality service: No compromise with quality. We mean it as we know our customer don’t want to make compromise with service quality. We provide you best quality cleaning services in Perth. We care about your satisfaction and only best quality service can help us to gain your faith, trust and satisfaction.
  2. Well trained workforce: We have well trained workforce to serve you. They are professionally trained on basic and advance cleaning. They are trained on the procedure as well as the tools and techniques.
  3. We are fully equipped: We will have everything with us needed for the job.
  4. Best price: As a customer you will have best value for your money as we provide high quality service. Our price is very competitive if not lower than any other company who can provide similar quality services.
  5. We are fully Insured. It will cover up accidental damage or injury up to 20 million.
  6. Service guaranteed: With us you will have guaranteed service. We are available to each and every case and we are always on time.
  7. All our staffs have up to date national police clearance.
  8. We listen to you: We are targeting for customer satisfaction. That is why we are paying attention about your need and comments that you make for us. We want to make you completely happy. If there is any small dissatisfaction about any of our service we guarantee to redo the job for you at your satisfaction.
  9. We are Flexible: We are flexible to our customer needs and can customize our job list according to your demand. You can have the flexibility to appoint us either on contractual basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, whichever is convenient for you.

We have a wide range of customers from different suburbs of Perth who are completely satisfied with our services and referring other customers to us. We build our reputation on quality and word of mouth that’s why customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you see what you like, you will be amaze once you start using our cleaning services. Thanks to be with us.